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Paradise island in Kemer

If you are looking for a paradise island in Kemer, then you will be delighted with the island of Sulu Ada. The transparency of the warm sea water with a turquoise hue gives this place a special flavor

Paradise island in Kemer
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Paradise island in Kemer

Paradise Island in Kemer is located in the vicinity of the city and is considered part of the agricultural district of Kumluca, which has been actively developing in the tourism sector in recent years.

Island Sulu Hell

The island of Sulu Ada most of the rock mass is occupied. Its dimensions are 1.3 kilometers in length and 300 meters in maximum width. There is no infrastructure here - sun loungers, umbrellas, and even more hotels. Only white sand, clear water and a majestic rock are the mistress of the island. Therefore, it can rightfully be called uninhabited, or simply - a paradise island in Kemer.

Turkish Maldives

Turkish Maldives is the second, unofficial name of the island of Sulu Ada. Turquoise waters and crystal clear waters are compared to the blissful landscapes of the popular holiday destination. But, compared to the Maldives, the island paradise in Kemer has its own interesting features. For example, a gorgeous rocky shore and steep stone walls with arches. Yachts with travelers sail through them. Another highlight of the island are the caves with dark blue water. Sulu Ada is mesmerizing with picturesque natural paintings in and around the island. There are dozens of the brightest selfie locations here. We highly recommend visiting.

Sulu Ada Tour

Sulu Ada excursion will please travelers of all tastes and preferences. For those guests of Turkey who are not ready to spend time and effort on their own search for a route, we have developed a group excursion on Sulu island Ada from Kemer . We also pick up our guests from hotels in the regions. The sea voyage is carried out on a comfortable yacht with a visit and rest in the most beautiful bays. Don't miss the opportunity to see the paradise island in Kemer.