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Antalya Adrasan

Antalya Adrasan is a piece of paradise unexplored by many tourists! Which one is worthy of your attention and will leave pleasant impressions and good memories behind! Here everyone will find something to their liking!

Antalya Adrasan
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Antalya Adrasan

Antalya Adrasan is a paradise in the settlement of Cavuskoy. The distance from Antalya to Adrasan is 95 kilometers and takes approximately an hour and a half. Kemer is 55 km away, 24 km separate Adrasan and Cirali, and only 8 km from Olympos Summit. Why is this area so interesting for tourists?

Adrasan, a tidbit for lovers of a measured beach holiday, the beaches here are not crowded and are not spoiled by elements of the tourism industry. In this area, you can find places to accommodate. Most of the villagers keep cozy cafes and mini-hotels that do not differ in high standards of service but captivate with a family, warm atmosphere and simplicity. An atmosphere of peace and natural freedom reigns here, so instructors and yoga coaches have chosen this area. The meditative mood is achieved here very easily due to nature, silence, snow-white beaches and turquoise waters. The local land is very fertile. Fruits and vegetables are grown here, mainly citrus fruits and pomegranates. Take a walk along the narrow streets, in the center tourists will be meet a mosque, the city part is compactly and neatly.

Adrasan — the most interesting places nearby!

Adrasan — the most interesting places nearby! What can you visit in this interesting area! Most of the interesting objects are located at a fairly remote distance from each other, and sometimes the path must be carried out on the water. Therefore, here you can often meet tourist boats and yachts and these are where they arrive:

  1. The bay of the same name, Adrasan, looks like a horseshoe. The length of the beach strip of excellent quality is about 2 kilometers. The type of beach cover is pebble. The bay is protected from the wind by pine trees and rocks. The purity of the water and its turquoise hue amazes and delights divers. During the dive, they reach 25 meters underwater. The entrance to the sea is shallow, so the bay is a great place for children.
  2. The bay can be encountered along the way on the most famous hiking route of the Lycian Way, having studied the ancient cities and their ruins.
  3. Suluada Bay is a popular destination for cruise tourists, turquoise water and white sand contribute to the perfect resemblance to the Maldives, which, however, has become the official nickname of the area. Locals claim that taking water from the bay on an empty stomach helps with gastrointestinal diseases, especially with stones. Sea seals and birds are very comfortable here.
  4. Nature protection zone, Sazak Bay, a natural wonder! It was here, according to local legends, that Leonardo DiCaprio, played a role in the movie "The Beach"
  5. Near the village of Karaoz, you can find the bay of Korsan, following the same Lycian path, it is considered one of the most beautiful.
  6. Cape Gelidonya, the main attraction of which is an old lighthouse built here by French subjects in 1936, named "Assistant Lighthouse" (Yardimdchi Feneri). Cape Tashlyk, its other name is surrounded by green gardens and pleases the eye. Its main feature is the highest lighthouse in Turkey.
  7. It is possible to capture Adrasan by climbing to the top of Mount Musa (Moses), from here a stunning view of the entire bay and bays opens. And the views on the mountain itself are no worse, caves with flyers sleeping peacefully upside down and old pine trees.
  8. Also, nearby are Mount Olympos and Mount Yanartash, which are also interesting to see during your vacation.

These are the views and natural wonders and beauties that you can encounter here and enjoy to your heart's content. Adrasan is the most interesting thing nearby, and this is true, here everyone will find something to their liking: diving, yachting, holidays with children, snorkeling, caving, hiking, a lot of interesting things away from the hustle and bustle. Coming here, you can see for yourself that everything interesting is nearby in Adrasan in Antalya!

Antalya Adrasan is a great place for a quiet, family vacation! Away from the hustle and bustle, at one with nature! Looking for a cozy and beautiful place with a family mood! All this can be found here!