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Antalya Kumluca

Antalya Kumluca, is a quiet, measured town with delicious, freshest fruits and vegetables, cozy, deserted beaches and a real symbol of the city - cranes, whose images in Antalya Kumluca can be found at every turn.

Antalya Kumluca
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Antalya Kumluca

Antalya Kumluca is located in the Mediterranean of Turkey, the Teke peninsula. The distance from Antalya to Kumluca is 90 km to the west. Partially belongs to the so-called Turkish Riviera, located between Antalya and Fethiye. Previously, the city was called Sarikavak, the new name comes from the word, kum-sand, the local sandy soil is ideal for melons and gourds.

Despite the industrial nature of city life in Kumluca region is quite popular with tourists, mainly because of the huge Friday market with the freshest products and vegetables. The main occupations here are agricultural work, greenhouses and trade. In addition to the grocery market elsewhere, there is a market for things, huge in size and with nice prices.
The city has a Park of Culture and Leisure. Where spontaneous fairs are held on certain days. But basically, life here is calm and quiet, it’s hard to find special activities and attractions here.

Antalya Kumluca - another symbol of the city, in addition to vegetables and fruits, is storks here, their nests on lanterns, images on the walls of houses. Close to Antalya Kumluca only 2.5 km. the ancient city of Lycia Rodiapolis is located, famous for the construction of the first at that time, a hospital complex called Asklepion and the famous patron of the time by modern standards Opramoas, who gave the city an unprecedented luxury, and its inhabitants lived a carefree life presumably in the 2nd century BC and was an incredible person, he was considered a citizen of all the cities of ancient Lycia. You can visit this city absolutely free of charge.

Antalya Kumluca is also considered the best location for tomatoes, the mild climate of these places helps to harvest up to 4 times a year. You should definitely stop by here for delicious vegetables and fruits. Another pride of this area is sandy beaches, which is why the city got its name. The most popular of them are Andrasan, Kiybandy, Olympos Bay. Get to know Turkey from a new perspective, there is always room for something new and interesting. The region of Kumluca in Antalya is not a tourist area, but gradually and measuredly lives and prospers in its own way. But you can find here also hotels. It will not be superfluous to visit it if you are in a good mood and want to see real Turkish life without tourist gloss and beauty.