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Hammam in Kemer

Hamam in Kemer is a healthy pleasure for a great mood. You will visit the sauna, menthol steam room, relax in the jacuzzi, and feel all the delights of foam and aroma massage after a light peeling. You will enjoy the luxurious interior of a traditional Turkish Hamam at an affordable price.

Hammam in Kemer

Hamam in Kemer is the traditional way to start your perfect holiday in Turkey? Turkish bath in Kemer will give you the bliss of body and soul, preparing the skin for an even tan.

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Hammam in Kemer Content of the trip

Hamam in Kemer will immerse you in a pleasant state of indescribable bliss and relaxation for more than 2 hours. This is a real Turkish bath, which is the pride of the Eastern peoples and a favorite resting place for body and soul.

Staying in Kemer and not having the best Turkish bath is tantamount to excluding visiting Jerusalem in Israel. This procedure will reveal to you all the diversity of the traditions of this unique country. The soul of Turkey is hidden here. With our excursion, you will not only find out where a good Turkish bath is in Kemer, but you will experience a whole range of amazing sensations. Turkish bath in Kemer will also give you a great mood.

Our masseurs are real professionals in their field, they delicately observe all the subtleties of the procedures so that you feel the true pleasure of visiting a traditional Turkish bath and strengthening your health. After all, in addition to pleasure, it is also very useful.

We recommend visiting our excursion Pamukkale from Kemer where you can swim in the famous mineral warm springs of the Cleopatra pool with an amazing rejuvenating effect.

Turkish Hamam Benefits

The benefits of the Turkish Hamam are very multifaceted, from aesthetic indicators to wellness. Among them are the following:
-Cleaning the body from toxins;
-Beautiful skin;
-Strong blood vessels;
-Clean lungs;
-Slim figure.

Your cleansing will begin with a warm sauna and prepare your skin for the rest of the procedures. After a pleasant stay in the sauna, you will be invited to a special menthol steam room. Then to the Turkish hammam, which is a large and cozy warm room in which the marble stone is constantly heated to the correct temperatures in the tradition of a Turkish bath (its temperature is only a few degrees higher than body temperature, which allows you to relax as much as possible from the radiated heat).

Here our masters will carry out a light peeling procedure for you using a special glove made of lamb wool or silk. Its surface safely removes the stratum corneum, giving your skin an extraordinary smoothness.

After cleansing your body, you will be covered with a huge cloud of millions of bubbles of soap foam, consisting of natural olive soap. Your skin, after such hydration, will be immensely grateful to you.

Next, you will have a pause with delicious herbal tea and an amazing aroma massage session, lasting 20 minutes.

Hamam in Kemer price

Hamam in Kemer, the price is only 10€ for an adult, which is available to every tourist. A full range of procedures will give you a powerful surge of vivacity, positive energy and strength. This is how the Turkish sultans were energized. Hamam in Kemer is one of the favorite leisure activities for all guests of our sunny country.

The Turkish bath will delight you with a luxurious interior, consisting of natural stone, fancy mosaics and ceramics. We recommend visiting the hammam in Kemer immediately upon arrival in Turkey for a perfectly even tan.

Turkish bath in Kemer is a whole philosophy of cleansing the body from the inside, which in Turkey is called "return to yourself". Book a visit on our website for a Hamam tour in Kemer. Indulge in luxury at an affordable price.

Hammam in Kemer Program

  • Transfer from hotel to hamam in Kemer.
  • A visit to the sauna (the time is limited only by your desire and the capabilities of the body).
  • Menthol steam room - perfectly tones and cleanses the upper respiratory tract (no time limit).
  • Relax in the jacuzzi or pool.
  • Peeling with a special individual mitten `` kese '' (20 minutes).
  • Pleasant foam massage, made of soap based on natural olive oil (15 min).
  • Massage using aromatic oils (15 min).
  • Applying a nourishing healing seaweed mask
  • Traditional Turkish bath tea.
  • Return transfer to the hotel in a comfortable car.

Hammam in Kemer days, time, what is included, what is not included, recommendations

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 - 18:00
IncludesTransfer, insurance, towel, drinks (tea, water)
ExcludesComplementary services.
RecommendedSwimsuits, swimming trunks.

Hammam in Kemer Price

 1 Adult 15€
 1 Children (7-12) 7€
 1 Infants (0-6) 0€
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