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Terms and conditions


The subject of the agreement is the provision by the AGENCY of services from the site to the CONSUMER in accordance with law No. 4077 on the protection of the rights of the CONSUMER, sale and provision of services.


The agency is responsible for compensation for any damage in case of non-compliance with the contract.

The agency is fully responsible to the consumer for the provision of its services and compliance with the rules of the contract.

The consumer has the full right to change the tour date, without additional charges.

The consumer pays only the cost specified in the contract, without additional payments.

VAT is included in this price.

The consumer has the right to request a cancellation of the tour 7 days in advance and may claim a 50% refund.

The consumer is obliged to notify about, complaints in writing.

The agency is responsible for finding a solution to this problem

The agency has the right to cancel the tour as a result of unsuitable weather conditions or unforeseen technical difficulties on the road.

The consumer, with all the points indicated above, accepts all the terms of this agreement. we work without intermediaries. The price includes compulsory insurance, the provision of child seats and a complete set of equipment required for the tour.
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