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Questions and answers

1. Which villages do you tour from?

We carry out excursions from Tekirova, Heinyuk, Chamyuwa, Kirish, Beldibi. We take all our guests from the villages for free.

2. How to book a tour from Kemer?

Make it on our website, we just have to subscribe to the data in the form and send it. Once you sign up, you will receive an email confirming it. We will contact you for the exact time of the tour and all the necessary information on it.

3. How do you find me at the hotel?

As a rule, we meet our guests at the exit of the hotel. In some hotels, the entrance is only for residents, so a great request to expect transport at the barrier near the security, or at the gate of the hotel. Your data will be with the bus driver.

4. Do I need to confirm my reservation once again after the settlement?

There's no need for that. In case you made an application for a knowingly, and by the time of your excursion the time of departure has changed, we will inform you about it in advance.

5. Do I need to provide my hotel room number?

You don't have to. If you stay, we will contact you through the front desk. Therefore, when booking a tour, we recommend that you give your full name. You can contact us at any time and we will answer all your questions.!