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Rent a yacht in Kemer

Yacht charter in Kemer will provide you with any individual holiday program at an affordable cost. An unforgettable adventure just for you and your loved ones on the high seas. Experience the sensation of delight in the stunning beauty of coastal landscapes, sailing along the waves on a comfortable snow-white yacht.

Rent a yacht in Kemer

Do you want to feel unlimited freedom on the high seas? Yacht charter in Kemer will give you an affordable dream trip across the Mediterranean Sea on a snow-white beauty.

The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Rent a yacht in Kemer Content of the trip

You want solitude in a narrow circle of close friends in the vast mediterranean sea under the gentle sun. Especially for you, we offer an individual yacht in Kemer.

On a spacious and cozy white yacht it is so easy to feel free to travel on the open sea, without outside noise and motley shop windows, without domestic fuss and endless problems, alone with nature, where the clear blue sky merges with warm blue waves. Such a soulful, positive and cozy trip is sometimes just necessary for health. Fresh sea air, clean water and endless beauty around will give you harmony and inspiration. You will only have to choose any convenient time and route, everything else we will do for you. Rent a yacht in Kemer - arrange a holiday for yourself and your loved ones.

If you have an important event, then renting a yacht in Kemer with the captain is what you need. For a delightful bright wedding, a fun birthday, for the perfect marriage and heart offer to loved ones, to spend a beautiful romantic date, admiring the sunset on the high seas, any of your excuses for a holiday on a yacht in Turkey, we will make a bright and unforgettable. The whole organization of the celebration during the tour, take over.

Allow yourself luxury in all your desires. By the way, for our guests, the individual rental of a yacht in Kemer for the day at a cost is minimal. Most yachts in Turkey are offered for rent by intermediaries. They're certainly making their mark-up. We offer you our own yachts. We have two comfortable yachts for 10 and 20 people together with the captain. Our yachts are technically equipped with everything you need to create a cozy environment and a modern interior. Comfortable sunbeds are ideal for sunbathing on a yacht. The program includes a delicious lunch from our best chefs.

During the walk you will not tire of contemplating the beauty of the sea and the magnificent beaches of the coast. Fishing enthusiasts will love the freshly caught sea fish.

The program is tailor-made for you and your loved ones. We take into account all your wishes when renting a yacht in Kemer.

Renting a yacht in Kemer will give you a powerful boost of energy in the fresh air, in the crystal clear sea, with a magnificent panorama of mountains on the coast, amazing scenery and the power of the water element. Book a yacht on our website and go on an adventure on the high seas.

Rent a yacht in Kemer Program

  • Individual transfers from the hotel.
  • Arrival at the seaport of Kemera and departure on a comfortable yacht.
  • Visit the famous islands of Kemera - Faselis and rest on an antique beach.
  • Swimming in the high seas.
  • Stops for swimming in the most picturesque bays of the city.
  • Delicious lunch from our chef. 
  • Arrival at the seaport and hotel transfers

Rent a yacht in Kemer days, time, what is included, what is not included, recommendations

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours Each hour.
IncludesTransfer, insurance, captain's services, 4-5 hours of yachting at sea, lunch, drinks.
ExcludesAlcoholic beverages.
RecommendedSwimwear, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses.

Rent a yacht in Kemer Price

 1 Passenger 45€
 1 Adult 45€
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