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Tour to Istanbul from Kemer

Moving into a parallel reality is not fantastic. See for yourself when you take us on an amazing tour to Istanbul from Kemer by plane.

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Content of the trip

We invite you to spend an amazing day with one of our most interesting excursions to Istanbul from Kemer by plane!

It is a special city, where ancient traditions are mixed with the bright colors of modernity, Friendly Christian churches with Muslim mosques, in contact with the West and East. The city is located on the shores of the majestic Bosphorus at the junction of Europe and Asia.

The tour from Kemer to Istanbul will reveal to you the secret of the combination of three powerful Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, each of which has left its deep trace in the life of the great city.

A trip with us will open the cultural capital of the Ottoman Empire in all its colors. You don't just hear historical facts and take photos at the sights. You will feel the whole atmosphere of the legendary city from the inside.

A one-day tour, according to the reviews of our guests creates a feeling of moving to another reality for one day. You will find a fascinating program in which you will see the color of local life, walk through the narrow streets, appreciate the national cuisine, visit the most fateful and mysterious places, learn all the interesting details about the famous palaces and cathedrals.

"Topkapi Palace" on the map of our Tour will be the first point. It is also called the "Palace of cannon gates." This stunning building has been the seat of rulers for 400 years since Sultan Mehmed was founded in 1475-1478. The palace in the historic center of the city on a huge area of 700,000 square meters, in the place of the connection of the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Horn with the Sea of Marmara. Once in this palace boiled turbulent life in a tough mode and rhythm for us.

Then we go to the Cathedral of St. Sophia (Aya-Sofia), built in 537 by the will of Emperor Justinian. It has always been a Christian cathedral and a mosque at the same time, now it is a famous monument of the Byzantine state - a real museum, with an extraordinary history and hundreds of secrets. It took 130 tons of gold to build. Princess Olga converted to Christianity here in 957.

After you will find a pleasant walk on the boat on the Bosphorus-place of connection of the black sea with marble. As well as popular shopping for all comers. It is inexpensive to buy factory leather and fur products of high quality.

During the tour you will visit the ancient Hippodrome in Sultanahmed Square (Byzantine era), the Blue Mosque (monument of the Ottoman Empire). The Blue Mosque of burial is a work of human art, has 6 minarets. Gladiators were held here at the world's largest arena.

Also in the tour you will see famous historical monuments - such as the German Fountain, the Egyptian obelisk, the Snake Column and more. For history and culture lovers we also offer to visit Israel from Kemer.

In addition to all this, you will have the opportunity to visit the largest market in Turkey and an unusual spice paradise bazaar for creators of culinary masterpieces. At the end of our impressive tour, you will dine at a popular local restaurant, where you will enjoy traditional cuisine.

The cost of the excursion on the plane includes a comfortable flight Antalya-Istanbul (back and forth), all the brightest excursions in one, together with a Russian-speaking guide, lunch and dinner. The distance is 730 kilometers, and the plane travels in less than 1.5 hours.

You can always apply for a bid to participate in the eventful Tour from Kemer to Istanbul on our website. Contact us for vivid experiences, memorable for a lifetime.


  • Transfer from the hotel to Antalya Airport.
  • Flight from Antalya to Istanbul (less than 1.5 hours)
  • Landing in Istanbul, meeting with the best English-speaking guide.
  • An interesting excursion in the Palace of Topkapi
  • Visit to the famous Aya Sophia Museum.
  • Lunch.
  • Unusual excursion in the Ancient Hippodrome.
  • Introduction to the Blue Mosque.
  • A yacht ride along the Bosphorus.
  • Dinner in a restaurant made from national cuisine.
  • Flight to Antalya from Istanbul.
  • Transfer from Antalya airport to hotel.

Tour Details

Tour daysCheck with a consultant
Tour hours 02:00 - 24:00
IncludesTransfer to the airport in Antalya and back, insurance and airfare, English-speaking guide, lunch, dinner, yacht tour.
ExcludesDrinks, Topkapi and Aya-Sophia ticket
RecommendedPassport, comfortable shoes, lunch box, sunglasses, sunblock / sunscreen
Adult 1
Children (7 - 12 Ages ) 1
Infants (0 - 6 Ages ) 1
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