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Kemer Neighborhoods

Located in the southwest of Turkey, surrounded by the gentle Mediterranean Sea, the Tories and fragrant citrus groves, it is unlikely to leave indifferent even the most sophisticated traveler.

There are many beautiful, interesting and historic places in the vicinity of Kemer.

The best and unusual way to get to know them - take a tour of jeeps, quad bikes or buggies, and fans of complete and harmonious unity with nature can pay attention to riding on horseback. These tours take their tourists to the best viewing platforms, which offer wonderful views of the surroundings of the city. Further, the serpentine road along the Canyon of Goynuk takes us to the village of Chirali, which has retained its national primitiveness, atmosphere and cosiness. Nearby are groves with exotic fruit trees and the oldest and largest tree in Turkey - Platan. Let's go to the stone bridge, which passed Alexander the Great's army and take a dip in the cool water of the mountain river.

Another historical place is connected with the Great Commander of Macedonskiy - the Fazelis Peninsula, where the ruins of the ancient city of the same name, once famous for its coins, oils, roses and laurel wreaths, and today silently keeps unsolved secrets, are hidden in a dense forest. Three wonderful paradise bays with the purest beaches and azure water are waiting for their guests, and you can get here in any convenient way: by bus, on foot on the trail of the Lykians or on a yacht, so to speak in the footsteps of Alexander the Great.

On the yacht you can go to a real pirate cave, where on the give the sea devils kept looted treasures and beautiful captives, in the future, in order to sell profitably in harems. The half-flooded cave attracts divers.

Beldibi Cave,16 kilometers from Kemer, attracts tourists with its unique Paleolithic rock paintings, stalactites and stalagmites.

Romantic natures will enjoy an evening jeep tour to the fiery mountain Janartash, better known as Chimera, which is 7 kilometers from the city. A huge black mountain spewing flames seems like a real frenzy of hell, shrouded in myths and legends, in fact, a natural miracle, guarded by the authorities of the country.

Rafting, paragliding, a historic tour in Demre-Mira-Kekova or to the mysterious Troy - any excursion you choose for yourself will leave a pleasant mark in the memories of Kemer and its surroundings.