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Disneyland Turkey

Disneyland Turkey is an excellent solution for a family holiday. Give a fairy tale not only to children but also to yourself. Disneyland in Turkey or Land of Legends Theme Park in Belek is a huge entertainment area where childhood rules and fairy tales are forbidden to be sad and cry.

Disneyland Turkey
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Disneyland Turkey

Disneyland Turkey, the real name of the entertainment complex is The Land of Legends Theme park. The park fully justifies and corresponds to the title. Turkish Disneyland is located in Belek. The park opened its doors to visitors in July 2016. The creators of the complex are a group of several large hotel networks, including Rixos. The project at the time was huge and required huge financial losses. Resorts of the Mediterranean in Turkey are mainly beach and family, so the direction of the park is wholesale children's entertainment. Here children feel like in a fairy tale and an adult can return to childhood indefinitely.

The whole complex of the Turkish Disneyland in Belek can be divided into three main areas: an amusement park, a water park and a special hotel area. Disneyland in Turkey has its own website with prices and descriptions of all zones and their opening hours. The amusement zone area with a water park is 63 hectares. Zoning according to the principle of "dry" and "wet" zone. The dry part of the park consists of a concert hall, a 5 D reality cinema and a lot of interesting things. On the territory of the hydropark, a show of dolphins and fur seals is held, there are about 40 slides, half of which are for adults. Surfers can ride an artificial wave. For guests, there are a couple of pools and 2 rivers flowing. A special pride of the complex is the hotel, The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel 5 *, for those who want not to part with a fairy tale for the whole vacation, everything here is arranged for children and the feeling of the childhood of their parents. All kinds of entertainment in the rooms outside their territory make the rest unforgettable. Adults should also visit here to release stress and catch up on childhood.

Turkish Disneyland

Turkish Disneyland has not only a unique concept but also its own characteristics. The operating hours of the complex are as follows:

  • The main area of the park is open from 10 am to 8 pm. Opening hours may change.
  • From 10 to 11 pm, the Venetian carnival and the performance of dancing fountains
  • Further performances of artists take place until midnight.

This is how fun and interesting time passes at Disneyland in Turkey. Walking all the territory of it in one day is almost an impossible task. Therefore, we recommend that you first visit their website and get acquainted with the park in general terms. If you are not in Belek, but in another resort, you have the opportunity to visit the park as part of an excursion. There are advantages to this, there is no need to look for transport and the guides know the park like the back of their hand.

A few tips when visiting Turkish Disneyland in Antalya

  • Turkish Disneyland in Antalya visiting time if you don't want to wait in line there is a quick access option for an additional fee. All current prices for services on the site.
  • Only water and baby food can be brought into the park.
  • Some slides for adults have height and weight restrictions.

Remember these simple rules, so as not to fix your vacation. And visiting Disneyland in Turkey will not leave you indifferent. Make your holiday with children legendary by visiting the Land of Legends Theme Park in Belek.