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Excursions in Kemer

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Geographical position of Kemer.

The city of Kemer and the capital of Turkey are separated by 45 kilometers. In relation to Antalya, it is located in the southwest. The high Taurus Mountains majestically surround Kemer from the north. More than 300 hotels are sprawled along the long Mediterranean coastline. The local population is about 35 thousand people, the main activity of which is the tourist infrastructure. During the season, residents of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan come here to work. Every year the number of travelers from Russia more and more exceeds the number of tourists from Germany, who were previously the main vacationers here.

The popular Turkish resort is located in the green zone of the forest and citrus plantations, which makes it even more attractive for visitors to the city. Kemer is a resort conquering with fresh fragrant air and impeccably clean sea. And the presence of an international certificate guarantees compliance with environmental standards, as evidenced by the "Blue Flag" over the beaches of the resort. Kemer has a Mediterranean climate with dry, sunny and hot summers and barely noticeable frosts in winter. In the season from May to October, the water temperature warms up to + 28C. Therefore, swimming here is a real pleasure.

Historical information about Kemer.

The history of Kemer dates back more than 2 thousand years ago, when the resort city, now a favorite with tourists, was a trade route that was located in the historical country of Lycia and connected large ancient states. In those distant times, the village was called "Idiros" and often served as a transshipment base for the great campaigns of Mark Anthony and Alexander the Great. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the city was known as a town called the "old village" - "Eskikoy". The mudflows constantly falling on it led to the formation of numerous lakes and swamps. To save him, the local authorities decided to build a stone wall, which lasted 7 years. In 1917, a grandiose structure of 23 kilometers appeared before people, which encircled the mountains.

Since then, the familiar name "Kemer" has appeared, translated from Turkish means "belt, belt". Now it is difficult to imagine that in the mid-70s of the 20th century, this small town from Antalya was reached only by water, and herds of sheep were imposingly walking along the beautiful coastline. The construction of a modern highway united the settlements and the city of Kemer blossomed with new colors. Several three-star hotels were built in the city center at the expense of German capital. Now it is a famous Turkish resort in the Mediterranean with a developed infrastructure for tourism, many historical attractions, fresh air and crystal clear sea water.

Shopping in Kemer.

In Kemer, shopping is a huge area of ​​various markets, open from early morning until late at night, which stretch along the famous Ataturk Boulevard and the pedestrian street Munir Ozkul. There you can get inexpensive Turkish knitwear, souvenirs, successful imitations of famous brands of denim clothing and other all sorts of interesting things. We recommend that you look at the LC Waikiki store, where a huge number of factory-made clothes of the world-famous Turkish brand. In addition, there is a flea market, but it only works on Mondays. The largest and most popular shopping center Migros is located 3 km from the resort area and pleasantly surprises budget travelers with affordable prices. As for more expensive purchases, unfortunately, the Turkish resort of Kemer practically does not have boutiques with world brands.

If you wish to purchase items made of precious metals, then there are many large stores with a rich assortment. Thanks to the famous factories of Istanbul for sewing leather and fur products, here you can buy high-quality jackets and fur coats, which is most often of interest to city guests. And all kinds of discounts make fur shopping in Kemer even more attractive.