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Kemer Tahtali mountain

Mount Tahtali in Kemer is visible from anywhere in the Mediterranean. It attracts travelers with its beauty and grandeur

Kemer Tahtali mountain
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Kemer Tahtali mountain

Kemer Tahtali mountain is the highest point of the Western Taurus mountain system. Kemer Tahtali Mountain adorns the Beydaglari National Park. Moreover, this mountain has three peaks. Tahtali peak flaunts among the clouds at an altitude of 2365 meters. Two other peaks Dazkyr and TekeDagy adjoin it and reach heights of more than two kilometers. The mountain is covered with lush greenery, pine and cedar forests, which end abruptly at an altitude of 1900 meters and pass the baton to bare rocks.


Tahtali, translated from Turkish means throne ("taht"). It was believed that the gods lived at the very top and `` sat on the throne '', looking down at the world around them. Therefore, its second name is Olympos. You can get to the top of Tahtaly on foot from two points: from the side of Beydzhik or from Yayla Kuzdere. Also Kemer Tahtali Mountain can be reached by sports motorcycle or mountain bike.

The most popular way is Tahtali ropeway in Kemer . Here you can quickly and painlessly climb for a small fee, take a walk, admire the beautiful views of the coast and the surrounding area, reach out to the clouds. Such photos can be seen among our guests. There is wonderful mountain air and simply divine beauty around. Kemer Tahtali mountain is a must visit.