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Tahtali cable car in Kemer

Indulge in an unforgettable journey to the top of the majestic mountain on the Tahtali cable car tour in Kemer. Enjoy the mountain air and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coastline from the height of the snow-capped mountain ranges. Get an incredible boost of energy and reach the clouds with your hand.

Tahtali cable car in Kemer

Excursion Mount Tahtali cable car in Kemer will give you the maximum charge of inspiration in the clean mountain air. Enjoy the scenery of the mountain ranges in the clouds.

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Tahtali cable car in Kemer Content of the trip

Travellers in Turkey should certainly see the highest point of the southern coast of the country. For this purpose, there is a tour of the Mount Tahtali cable car in Kemer, where you can not only see, but also learn all the fun about this majestic peak.

You do not have to overcome the top of Tahtali on foot. The tour of Mount Tahtali cable car in Kemer provides a trip in a comfortable cable car cabin, from which the picturesque landscapes of the coast, mountain ranges, dense coniferous thickets and majestic green hills are opened. The ticket control system through the turnstile guarantees safety. The funicular departs every 20 minutes. On a modern cable car, built in 2007, you will overcome the distance of more than two thousand meters, climb to the top, in just a quarter of an hour in the delight of the delightful panorama of the local nature. And if you like height and thrill consider our paragliding tour in Kemer.

Mount Tahtali in Kemer is a popular destination for travellers all over the world due to its scenic beauty. Even the route at the lift was called "From the sea to the sky." During the ascent you will feel how the tiresome heat gives way to pleasant coolness. The highest mountain in Turkey in Kemer will show you the sea and snowy mountains at the same time. Snow-covered mountains evoke a feeling of delight in adults, and fun in children playing in snowballs. They will definitely take the opportunity to blind their snowman's Tahtali.

Clean air will fill you with the power and energy of the great mountains and the mountain ranges in the clouds near you will perfectly decorate the photos. Don't forget to bring your camera to create a lot of unique frames that will inspire you for a long time.

At the very top of the mountain you can have a delicious lunch in a cozy closed restaurant, which offers a panoramic view of the fabulously beautiful nature of the Olympus-Beidaglara National Park.

We'll pick you up on a comfortable bus. You will be accompanied by one of the best English-speaking guides, who will gladly tell you about this beautiful place and answer all the questions you are interested in. Just book your place on the excursion of Mount Tahtali cable car in Kemer on our website.

Bring warm clothes, as at the foot and at the top of the mountain the temperature difference will be noticeable, even in summer in the heat on top can be quite cool. We also recommend taking comfortable shoes for a comfortable walk.

The mountain Tahtali cable car tour in Kemer will leave an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

Tahtali cable car in Kemer Program

  • Transfer from the hotel on a comfortable bus with air conditioning;
  • Escort of a English-speaking guide-historian and a fine storyteller;
  • Journey to the top of Mount Tahtali on a cable car;
  • Walk on top of the mountain;
  • Viewing area, time for photos and video;
  • Reverse descent on the cable car, transfer to the hotel.

Tahtali cable car in Kemer Tour Details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 10:00 - 13:30
IncludesTransfer, insurance, guide.
RecommendedWarm clothes, water

Tahtali cable car in Kemer Price

 1 Adult 40€
 1 Children (7-12) 20€
 1 Infants (0-6) 0€
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