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Excursions from Tekirova

Excursions from Tekirova
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Excursions from Tekirova

Tekirova is a small, beautiful resort village in southwestern Turkey, 10 km from Kemer, and 60 kilometers from Antalya. Luxury hotels are far from the city noise and bustle. Here you can relax on the cozy clean beaches surrounded by perennial palm trees and delightful mountains. The village of Tekirova is a Turkish village intertwined with numerous hotels, bars, restaurants and shops.

The best 5 hotels in Tekirova are the queen's Park Tekirova Resort and Spa; Tekirova's euphoria; Rixos Premium Tekirova; Amara Dolce Vita; Phaselis Rose Club Hotel; Hotel Larissa Club Sapphire; Marty Mayra Kemer; The euphoria of Hotel Tekirova; Gural Premier Tekirova; Larissa Faselis Princess Hotel; Rixos Hotel Tekirova.

The most popular place is Cleopatra Bay, 2.3 km from Tekirova, and you can walk for half an hour, get there by taxi or yacht. Here you will be fascinated by the fantastic beauty of nature, in which you will want to stay longer. Cleopatra Bay is a favorite place for picnics among locals.

2 km from the village is the amazing EcoPARK Botanical Garden, which has more than 10,000 plants and a zoo with rare species of snakes, crocodiles, turtles and other reptiles. 4 km from the village is the legendary town of Fazelis, where you can go on a tour.

Our excursions from Tekirova will allow you to take from a holiday in Turkey all the most positive, interesting and informative. For example, Mount Tahtali(the highest point in Kemera, with a beautiful panoramic view. Paragliding (for all who wish to soar above the beaches surrounded by mountains); Diving (exploring scenic coral reefs and marine life); Hamam (paradise pleasure for body and soul for 6 stages of Spa-care). We still have many different offers for you to make your holiday in Turkey more vivid and memorable. Choosing the right tour on the site, we are happy to answer all the questions.