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Tours from Beldibi

Tours from Beldibi
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Tours from Beldibi

Beldibi is the tourist district of Kemer, located 25 km from Antalya. Kemer and Beldibi share just 10-15 minutes by car. A young resort that has become a global celebrity thanks to its natural beauty and clean beaches.

Beldibi is popular with young people as well as married couples with children. The town has picturesquely stretched its sandy beaches on the Mediterranean coast near the slopes of the Taurus Mountains. About the resort Beldibi most often write, admiring its purity and soak up the sand by the sea. Beldibi is also described as a resort village with a visit to the location and good hotels. No wonder, because the hotels of Beldibi chic pools and entertainment children's centers.

List of worthy hotels of the Resort: Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites and Spa; Rixos Sungate; Rixos Beldibi; Club Salima; Champions' recreation base; Grand Park Kemer Hotel; Club Belpinar, Hotel Seagull; Cristal Flora Beach Resort; Rama Club Hotel; Akka Antedon Hotel- Kids Concept; Paloma Forest.

In the center is a traditional mosque, which can be seen from all points of the resort. The legendary cave, with preserved images from antiquity, attracts travelers from all over the world. Next to the cave you can admire the picturesque waterfall. But, still, being only in Beldibi, you will see only a small fraction of all the wonders of Turkey. In order to diversify your holiday, we have developed impressive out-of-town excursions from Beldibi:

- in Pamukkale with its cosmic landscapes, and festivals of hundreds of bright balloons;

-Demre-Mira-Kekova - a historical and religious tour, where you will see the legendary ancient cities and visit the Motherland of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker;

- Excursions to the Aquarium, Dolphinarium, Paragliding, Safari and many other destinations to your liking.