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Weather in Kemer in winter

The average air temperature in Kemer is + 14 + 16 in the afternoon, - the weather in winter is completely non-beach, but it allows you to take long walks in the picturesque surroundings

Weather in Kemer in winter
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Weather in Kemer in winter

The weather in Kemer in winter is quite acceptable for walking, although many beaches are closed. But, if you really want to relax by the sea, you can take a blanket and have a picnic. On sunny days, and there are more of them here than rainy ones, you can even swim. The air temperature in the sea does not drop below 17 degrees. Therefore, there are not so few people who want to swim, especially among those who live in cold regions.

Winter holidays in Kemer

Winter holidays in Kemer are often welcomed by curious tourists. The weather in Kemer in winter is regulated by the Taurus Mountains that surround the resort. In winter and summer, they protect against strong winds. Despite this, the weather in Kemer is sometimes a little windy in winter. Combined with humidity, it brings a noticeable coolness. Don't be discouraged if your vacation falls within this period of time. The hotels have modern SPA centers, swimming pools with heated sea water, medical and wellness procedures, like in a sanatorium.

Excursions in Kemer in winter

Excursions in Kemer in winter have a great variety, although they are slightly less than in the season. Walking around Kemer is a real pleasure. Fresh mountain air, diluted by the sea breeze, stunning nature and dozens of interesting routes impassable in the summer heat. The home page presents excursions that will cheer you up in Kemer in winter. Choose yours and book without prepayment.