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Excursions from Camyuva

Camyuva is a quiet and cozy resort town that captivates with its harmony and beauty and delights with first-class service in hotels and restaurants. An excellent choice for those who like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city with family and friends.

Excursions from Camyuva
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Excursions from Camyuva

Excursions from Camyuva our company will select for you, taking into account absolutely all your wishes.

Distance Kemer Camyuva

The distance of Kemer Camyuva is 10 km south of Kemer. On the one hand, the village borders on the legendary ruins of the city of Phaselis, and on the other is buried in the forests and mountains of the Taurus mountain range. This is a quiet and cozy place for those who like a relaxing holiday.

The picturesque town of Camyuva used to be a small village. In the 80s of the last century, after the law on tourism support was passed, it became a popular resort in the Mediterranean. Now this city is famous for its luxury hotels and first-class service for lovers of harmony and beauty.

Sights of Camyuva

The sights of Camyuva are the mosque and Paradise Bay, which at night looks like a sea illumination, and in the daytime is a picturesque sand and pebble beach. It is these places that are worth highlighting and be sure to visit. Excursions from Camyuva can add to this list based on your wishes.

At the local Turkish bazaar, you will taste many types of spices, vegetables and fruits. For those who are not used to sitting in one place, we offer inspiring excursions from Camyuva , you will get the whole range of vivid impressions.

The best hotels in Camyuva

The best hotels in Camyuva: Kilikya Resort Camyuva; Kiris Resort Havana Hotel; L'Oceanica Hotel; Queen's Park Le Jardin Hotel & Resort; Marco Polo Club; Hotel Fantasy; Hotel PGS; Robinson Club Camyuva, Simena Sun Club

The excursion from Camyuva can be tailored to your taste, we suggest paying attention to the following:

- Quad Safari will provide powerful ATVs and a great scenic trail;

- An excursion on a Pirate yacht will take you on a real sea adventure;

- Tour Mount Tahtali-cable car in Kemer Camyuva will charm you with the most incredible bird's-eye views;

- The Picnic and Fishing trip to Ulupynar will give you a special day that can be spent with the whole family, taste the true Turkish cuisine and deliciously prepared freshly caught catch.

These are just a few of the amazing trips. An excursion from Camyuva will help brighten up your impression of your vacation.

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