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Antalya city tour from Kemer

Antalya city tour from Kemer will introduce you to the center of the Turkish Riviera! It will give new impressions and knowledge, leave pleasant memories and souvenirs! Cultural features, natural wonders, historical monuments, it's all waiting for you! Ready to get to know Antalya better?

Antalya city tour from Kemer

Sightseeing tour in Antalya from Kemer. Spend a wonderful day strolling the streets of a city full of mysteries of history and natural mysteries. The center of the southern coast of Turkey will open its doors for you to meet new and interesting, culture, history and nature. Don't get tired of the one-hour drive that separates you from the incredible Antalya from Kemer!

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Antalya city tour from Kemer Content of the trip

Antalya city tour from Kemer- Antalya is a popular beach resort for many tourists. A real gem on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Many arriving here ask the question: what to do outside the hotel, except for the beach and the sea. Coming here more than once, still not familiar with the city. A sightseeing tour of Antalya from Kemer will give you such an opportunity!

Sightseeing tour of Antalya from Kemer!

The Antalya coast has long established itself as the capital of the Mediterranean and holds a leading position in terms of popularity among tourists. Antalya is famous for its mild climatic conditions, clean sandy and pebble beaches, gentle entry into the sea. A wide hotel base for any budget and requirements!

History has left a huge mark on the territory of the Anatolian Region, where they saw the rise and fall of the great empires: Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman. The Turkish land has carefully preserved the fragments of the greatness of the past and is ready to introduce you to them through a sightseeing tour of Antalya. This land is enveloped not only by the sun, the sea and the greenery of gardens, but also by legends, stories that chill the soul. Anatolian land, like diamonds, began its journey through fire, blood, pressure, wars until the present day. Where she appears as a hospitable and fertile land. The first mention of life here dates back to the Paleolithic. The first fortress appeared before our era in 159 and was called Attalia in honor of the ruler of those lands Attala 2. A sightseeing tour in Antalya from Kemer is a great opportunity to expand your horizons.

Antalya - what will please the pearl of the Turkish Mediterranean?

Antalya - what will please the pearl of the Turkish Mediterranean. Where does the Pearl of the Turkish Riviera keep its heart? Of course in the old part of the city, called Kaleici. Which has survived to this day, in good condition, thanks to the reliable walls of the city fortress. Before your eyes will appear:

  • Brickwork, intricately woven narrow streets. With their unique style in the spirit of those times. Which will take you to the port of Mermerli and give you the best photos of the location in the city.
  • Old buildings for various purposes with their own interesting history. Atmospheric souvenir shops and restaurants will leave a lot of pleasant impressions.
  • Mosques and minarets of different eras, reflected in their appearance.
  • A guide to this atmospheric world, Hadrian's Gate is a kind of symbol of the change of empire, the triumphal arch of the gate strengthens two towers, in the south the tower of St. Julia of the Roman era, in the north the tower of the Seljuk era Sultan of the 13th century.
  • Tahtali cable car - See Antalya from bird's eye view, on the mountain peak Tyunek Tepe, from a height of 618 meters. Having rushed to the best observation deck of the city on the funicular. No more than 10 minutes will separate you from the best view of the city.
  • Düden Waterfall Cascade, Antalya's main natural landmark. The sightseeing tour of Antalya from Kemer ends with a boat trip to the main natural attraction of Antalya. After all, the capital of beach tourism is famous not only for historical monuments, but also for natural conditions.

Antalya - what will please the pearl of the Mediterranean Turkey? Antalya is a city full of secrets and mysteries, interesting places that are worth our time and attention. It will be useful for everyone to get acquainted with the capital of the Anatolian coast. After all, you always want to return to well-known friends.

Duden waterfalls: visiting card of Antalya

The Duden waterfalls are the calling card of the city and for good reason. This mysterious natural corner has been attracting tourists for a long time and you always want to come back here. Water, whimsical, cascades give coolness on a hot day, delight the eye, surprise the ear, they can be heard from a kilometer away. The beginning of this natural wonder is 30 km. from Antalya. The two main streams, upper and lower Duden, have other names, the first is named after Alexander the Great, and the second is Karpuzkaldyran. The distance between them is 13 km. The lower waterfall breaks down from a height of 40 meters with beautiful, strong streams. Duden waterfalls are the visiting card of Antalya, we definitely recommend visiting.

Antalya city tour from Kemer Program

  • Waiting for sightseers at the hotels, the road to Antalya 
  • 10 minute walk to the top of Tunektepe with a cable car
  • Panorama of the city from a height of 618 meters, on the observation deck, walk for familiarization
  • Return from the mountain by cable car 
  • Time for a walk and shopping in a outlet clothing store
  • Lunch break
  • Walk around Kaleici- Antalya old city. Star of antiquity, the main attraction of that era Hadrian's Gate
  • Visit to the Duden waterfall.
  • Collecting tourists, return trip to Kemer on a comfortable bus 

Antalya city tour from Kemer days, time, what is included, what is not included, recommendations

Tour daysTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday , Saturday, Sunday
Tour hours 09:00 - 17:30
IncludesEnglish guide service, insurance, transfer, lunch, cable car ticket, waterfall
Excludesdrinks, personal expenses
Recommendedhat, sunglasses, camera

Antalya city tour from Kemer Price

 1 Adult 35€
 1 Children (7-11) 25€
 1 Infants (0-6) 0€
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