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The highest mountain in Turkey Kemer

The highest mountain in Turkey is Big Ararat, its peak height reaches 5165 meters. Kemer has its own, no less interesting mountain peak

The highest mountain in Turkey Kemer
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The highest mountain in Turkey Kemer

The highest mountain in Turkey, Kemer (or Mount Tahtali Dag) adorns the Olympos-Beydaglari National Park. It is this park is crossed by the famous Lycian Trail.

Lycian Way

The Lycian Trail is a very long route. It runs along part of the Mediterranean coast of ancient Lycia with a length of about 540 kilometers. The trail is marked with red and white markers, in accordance with European international agreement. The Lycian Trail takes its name from an ancient civilization that once existed in this area. Software the route has frequent elevation changes, as the road either descends to the sea or leaves it. The easiest sections of the trail are from Fethiye, gaining difficulty to the east. The most favorable time for passing is spring and autumn, from February to May and from September to November. Summers in Lycia are very hot. On the way, there are quite close sections. Along the entire trail, you can find many sources of drinking water, marked on special tourist maps. But it is worth remembering that when planning a route you need to take into account the current factor, that in hot weather some sources can dry out.

Height of Tahtala

The height of Tahtala reaches 2365 meters. But, it offers such a stunning view of the Taurus Mountains and the azure sea that this fact seems like a trifle. After all, even experienced climbers here feel like the conquerors of the mountain where the gods live (previously the mountain was called Olympos). Although Tahtali is not the highest mountain, it is the highest in Kemer, its grandeur is striking.

What is unusual is that lush vegetation is found here at an altitude of 1900 meters. Often only small grass grows in such places. The slopes of Tahtala, as in a fairy tale, are decorated with lush green meadows and cedar groves. It is not surprising that mountain goats can often be found here chewing grass in the morning sun. The highest mountain in Turkey, Kemer, has become a haven for turtles, wild boars and foxes.

The highest mountain in Turkey, Kemer Tahtali, does not require special preparation in order to climb its top. After all, you can always take an air bus. We offer you a bright journey to the top of the great mountain with an excursion excursion to Tahtali Ropeway in Kemer. You will enjoy the fresh mountain air, see all the beauty of the Antalya coast, walk along the mountain range and learn a lot from our guide.

The highest mountain in Turkey, Kemer, is waiting for you to charge you with positive energy and emotions.