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Walking on horseback in Kemer

A horse-riding tour in Kemer is a journey along the forest route and the amazing places of the Taurus Mountains. You will get incredible pleasure from interacting with friendly and well-mannered animals. Nearby there will be experienced instructors who will teach you the basics of riding.

Walking on horseback in Kemer

Excursion on horseback in Kemer will give you the skill of independent riding, true delight and sincere joy from communication with smart and kind animals. Such a walk is safe and suitable for absolutely everyone.

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Walking on horseback in Kemer Content of the trip

Our excursions from Kemer are mostly aimed at active holidays in Turkey. After all, this special country consists of hundreds of the most delightful materials and corners of nature, soaked in fresh fragrant air. The Walking on Horse Tour in Kemer will show you the stunningly scenic forest route around the ranch, which you will take an independent journey on a friendly horse.

You will combine the pleasant with useful-get a huge pleasure from communication with kind, graceful animals and gain the skill of riding. Walking on horseback is not only useful, but also fun. Suitable for all ages and adults, and kids will be interested. A horse ride in Kemer will be a great option for a romantic date.

Since ancient times, horse riding has been used as a health service for the body. This sport has a beneficial effect on all organ systems. During the ride, different muscle groups are strengthened, especially the back muscles and the press when trying to keep balance.

Thanks to the light and smooth movements of the horse, horse riding becomes a true pleasure. In addition, the state of health improves. Communication with smart and affectionate horses overcomes any depression, restores mental health, charges a huge charge of positive and excellent mood.

And we also have a daily quad bike safari program in Kemer if you want to take the reins of iron horses.

Horses are very loyal animals. On our excursion on horseback in Kemer you do not have to be a professional rider or a simple lover to ride at leisure. You will be taught this by experienced bereitors (specialists in training to ride horses).

Next to you will always be an instructor who will help quickly make friends with the animal and teach the basics of riding. It is only after you have learned all the rules.

Riding in Kemer is safe. All the horses on the ranch are calm and well-mannered. Our guests are given special protective equipment, helmets.

Smart horses will fascinate you with their ingenuity and humanity. You are guaranteed to get full of delight and sincere joy from these amazing animals. Also, you will be pleased with the small cost of the walk.

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Walking on horseback in Kemer Program

  • Transfer from your hotel on a comfortable bus.
  • Arrival to the place of the beginning of the tour.
  • Detailed coaching, meeting and familiarity with horses, trial race, short course-basics of skating for beginners.
  • Start an amazing ride on horseback.
  • We are divided into groups on the skill of skating.
  • It's a great horse walk.
  • Return to the hotel on comfortable buses.

Walking on horseback in Kemer days, time, what is included, what is not included, recommendations

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 14:00
IncludesTransfer, insurance, coaching, protective equipment.
ExcludesPersonal expenses.
RecommendedSporty style of clothing, water, headdress

Walking on horseback in Kemer Price

 1 Adult 25€
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