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Paragliding in Kemer

Paragliding in Kemer is specially designed for you to see the impressive view from mountain Tahtali ranges off the Mediterranean coast, under the warm blue skies during the entire parasailing in tandem with our professional instructor. Skydiving is quite breathtaking and gives you a refreshing, incredible perspective on the world. You will remember forever this parachute activity.

Paragliding in Kemer

Kemer Paragliding from Mount Tahtali is an opportunity to see all the beauty of the Turkish mountains from a bird's eye view, but if you are afraid to jump with a parachute, then Paragliding in Kemer will make your dream come true.

The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
Send a request, we will confirm in minutes

Paragliding in Kemer Content of the trip

Paragliding in Kemer is organized for travelers who are not satisfied with traditional spiritual walks. Kemer Paragliding is for those who want a truly vivid and breathtaking experience. Of course, skydiving in Kemer is also popular. But in order to see all the magnificent landscapes of the Turkish mountains from a bird's eye view, a parachute jump is not enough. After all, the duration of a parachute flight is only 5-7 minutes of your descent down. Paragliding in Kemer will definitely appeal to adrenaline lovers.

Kemer paragliding price

Kemer Paragliding price from Adrasan is a littler bit higher than other places because of the beauty of the place and the height . The paraglider will hover above the ground for 25-30 minutes at an altitude of 1000 or 2300 meters above sea level at your request.

Paragliding Kemer

Paragliding Kemer, you will have time to enjoy all the beauty of the landscapes that captivate the eyes of even the most experienced tourists. Moreover, the paraglider is the best psychologist. During a parasailing in Kemer, surrounded by mesmerizing mountain ranges and endless blue skies, all worries and problems instantly dissolve into thin air. This is a wonderful opportunity to feel freedom and independence, feel all the endless joy of life, overcome your inner fears and recharge with a powerful wave of adrenaline.

Kemer parachute

One of the interesting things you will notice about the parachute ride is the temperature change, especially if you skydive in the summer. The air grows warmer as you glide softly toward the ground and eventually come into land. We want to note that the parachute tour is held in different mountains with different heights. Also, for lovers of panoramic views from a bird's eye view, we suggest considering excursion Tahtali cable car.

For a long and serene paragliding flight, the price in Kemer justifies itself. These unforgettable positive impressions will stay with you for life. The entire process of your flight will be captured on high-quality photos and video cameras so that you can watch it at any time and recharge with the incredible energy and positive energy that you get during a paragliding flight in Kemer. Treat yourself and your loved ones participating in the paragliding in Kemer.

Skydiving in Kemer

Skydiving in Kemer is carried out in tandem with an instructor. Our experienced certified instructors will make sure that you can fully relax and enjoy your flight over the Mediterranean coast in the amazingly beautiful region of Turkey's Adrasan. Love arises for this amazing mountain village, at first sight, it is located 50 km from Kemer, and you want to return there again and again. You will not notice this distance on our comfortable bus.

Kemer Paragliding with us

Kemer Paragliding, booking tour right here, on our official website, or contact us. We will answer all your important questions. We recommend that you do not leave your parachute flight on the final days of your stay in Turkey. We together with you will choose the best day for the flight due to weather conditions. There is feedback on our site. You can write your impressions of the paragliding in Kemer reviews, also read the rave reviews of those who have already experienced the flight.

Experience one of the brightest experiences of your life Paragliding in Kemer with our company. We are waiting for you.

Paragliding in Kemer Program

  • Transfer of tourists from hotels to Paragliding in Kemer.
  • Arrive at the jump site (mountain slope in Adrasan village 50 km from Kemer) to the top of the launch pad.
  • A detailed briefing. We disassemble the start, flight and landing.
  • Preparation and a final check of equipment for the jump.
  • Your amazing flight in tandem by our experienced instructor, lasting about thirty minutes.
  • Landing on Adrasan beach, in the azure bay.
  • Return transfer to the hotel on our comfortable air-conditioned bus

Paragliding in Kemer days, time, what is included, what is not included, recommendations

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 08:00 - 14:00
IncludesTransfer, paragliding, special insurance, equipment and instructions.
ExcludesDrinks, photos and videos. Attention! The maximum weight of the balloon should not exceed 110 kg, the maximum height is not more than 2 meters. Children under five years old are not allowed.
RecommendedComfortable shoes, sunglasses, drinks.

Paragliding in Kemer Price

 1 Adult 160€
 1 Passenger 20€
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