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Jeep safari in Kemer

Jeep safari in Kemer is the mesmerizing wildlife of Turkey, villages and be invited to visit by the locals. Do you like the experience to take your breath away? But at the same time, you prefer complete safety. Then go with us on a Jeeping Off-Road in Kemer. A splash of emotions and positive fireworks are waiting for you and your children in powerful off-road vehicles.

Jeep safari in Kemer

Jeep safari in Kemer will give you a lot of vivid impressions, including stunning mountain landscapes at an altitude of more than 1500 m, the incredible beauty of a canyon with turquoise water and much more.

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Jeep safari in Kemer Content of the trip

Jeep Safari in Kemer is an invigorating ride in comfortable SUVs - off-road vehicles on a serpentine road, on which impressive sights await you. If you want to see as much as possible in Turkey, Jeeping in Kemer is exactly what you need! Jeep safari in Kemer is an amazing opportunity to see the pristine beauty of the legendary country of Turkey. Driving through dazzling woodlands and incredible mountain landscapes you rise to an altitude of 2000 m above sea level and all the power and beauty of the Taurian mountains will open before you.

The Chinar tree

The Chinar tree (It is Platan) has its own special meaning in the Jeep Safari in Kemer. The ancient Chinar tree, which will have a stop, is more than 2500 years old, it was planted back in 500 BC. This is the oldest tree in the world. The tree of heroes and sages is over 45 meters high, under the shade of its crowns, about 1000 people can be accommodated, and in order to cover the trunk, 16 adults are needed. Having touched it, Tourists make a wish and take a photo as a souvenir, in order to later show its enormous size to friends.

Not far from the tree is located the ancient fortress and the Oymapinar reservoir with fabulous turquoise water and the Green Canyon. This is the place where you want to return again and again. The canyon is surrounded by majestic cliffs, and the turquoise river is a mesmerizing sight.

Also, on the way, everyone can visit a mysterious mountain cave with a depth of 100 meters. The route of the Kemer jeep excursion is completely safe, ideal for little discoverers. During the excursion, you will get acquainted with local villages, auls, with the life of local residents.

Gedelme village

The village of Gedelme is located approximately 16 kilometers from Kemer. It is here that during the excursion Jeep Safari in Kemer will be a lunch with delicious and hearty dishes of local cuisine.

During the whole tour, you will discover a lot of interesting things, get to know the local population, see a living witness of the history of the Turkish people for two millennia, get a charge of positive emotions and inspiration. Make sure that cheap excursions in Kemer are not a myth. Also for fans of extreme entertainment, we can offer another tour Rafting in Kemer.

We recommend bringing your cameras with you to capture all the most beautiful moments. Although, during such an excursion, there is a desire to save every frame. Unfortunately, not everything can be captured on camera. But Kemer Jeep Safari will forever remain a pleasant memory in your heart.

Jeep safari in Kemer Program

  • Transfer from the hotel for a jeep safari in Kemer.
  • A trip to the mountains by jeep, climbing to an altitude of more than 1500m.
  • Stop near the oldest tree in the world, Chinar, walk in the valley of blue cedars, inspect the ancient fortress.
  • Visiting old villages. Auls, familiarization with life and customs.
  • Delicious lunch in a Turkish village.
  • Visit to a mountain cave, the depth reaches 100 meters (for everyone).
  • Swimming in turquoise water at the Oymapinar reservoir.
  • Transfer back to the hotel.

Jeep safari in Kemer days, time, what is included, what is not included, recommendations

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 10:30 - 15:30
IncludesTransfer, lunch, guide.
ExcludesDrinks, cave entrance (2$)
RecommendedHat, bathing accessories, towel, sunscreen.

Jeep safari in Kemer Price

 1 Passenger 15€
 1 Adult 25€
 1 Children (7-12) 15€
 1 Infants (0-6) 0€
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