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Which area of Kemer is better for holiday

Kemer is not just a resort town, it is a complex that includes five separate resort areas. Let's determine in which area of ​​Kemer it is better for holiday

Which area of Kemer is better for holiday
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Which area of Kemer is better for holiday

Which area of ​​Kemer is better for vacation depends on your personal preferences and requirements. The resort area of ​​the city of Kemer includes the villages of Kirish, Tekirova, Camyuva, Beldibi and Goynuk. Each of them has its own beautiful beaches, cozy sea bays and developed infrastructure. All of them are united by their small size, stunning nature and clean ecology. But, nevertheless, there are a number of differences that will help you choose your area and understand in which area of ​​Kemer it is better to relax.


Goynuk will appeal to mountain lovers. It is there that the famous Tahtali mountain is located, the top of which is at an altitude of 2365 meters. You can climb there by cable car, admire the surroundings of Kemer and the sea from a bird's eye view. And there is also a stunning Dinopark , where the figures of dinosaurs are made in full size. They make sounds, move and, as if, transport visitors to the Jurassic period. It will be interesting for both children and adults.


Beldibi will suit those who love unity with nature, aromas of mountain air and citrus groves. For extreme lovers, there is the deepest cave available for free visits and the opportunity to raft down a powerful mountain river.


Kirish for those who do not need nightclubs, restaurants, crowded hotels. Quiet and peaceful place that diving enthusiasts adore. The sunken city can be seen here. For those who are afraid of scuba diving, but really want to see, there is an opportunity to go there on a yacht with a glass bottom.


Camyuva is famous for its paradise bay. Tourists come here from all around Kemer. The bay is of particular interest at night. It is home to microorganisms that can glow in the dark. Imagine you are swimming, and the water around you shines with lights. An exciting sight.


Tekirova will suit you, if a good beach and a quiet rest are important to you, then come to Tekirova. It is here that the best beaches of Kemer. The air is filled with aromas of exotic flowers, there are no noisy crowds of people, it is quiet and cozy. The area is ideal for families with children.

And if you have not yet decided which area of ​​Kemer is best to rest in, then write to us, we will answer your questions and recommend interesting excursions for you and your loved ones. We tried to tell you about all the nuances in order to help you understand which area of ​​Kemer is the best place to relax.