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Abandoned hotel in Camyuva

In the Kemer region of Camyuva, there is a huge abandoned eco hotel, stretching up the mountain from the seashore. We will tell you how to get there

Abandoned hotel in Camyuva
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Abandoned hotel in Camyuva

The abandoned hotel in Camyuva covers an impressive 140,000 square meters. The road to it is covered with pine groves and flower beds. An abandoned hotel in Camyuva is reminiscent of the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. with elements of Jumanji: eco huts in a unique style, an abandoned children's railway, bizarre plants and animal figures, caves, underground labyrinths and even Noah's Ark. There is a giant deer head, 3-meter gorillas hanging cutely from the trees, and a clown-shaped cable car, and many other creative buildings worth seeing for the whole family.


Naturland & nbsp; is an abandoned eco hotel in Camyuva, located in the south of the village. And the fastest way to get there will be by taxi. The cost of a taxi from Kemer is up to $ 10. The landmark is the intersection of Turizm Boulevard and Tinaz Street. From this point you need to drive or walk to the left for about 400 meters. There you will see a huge caterpillar in boots behind a fence, not far from which there is an entrance. The hotel can also be accessed from its own beach via the bridge to the right of the whale's head. If you walk from the intersection to the right along Tinaz Street, you will get to the second entrance to the hotel.

History is silent about the real reason why the hotel in Camyuva is now abandoned. Perhaps one day there will be an entrepreneur who will give the establishment a second life. In the meantime, this place can rightfully be considered a hotel open-air museum. The abandoned hotel in Camyuva is definitely an interesting place for those who like this adventure.

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