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Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer

An excursion to the Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer will open for you all the subtleties of the art of dancing and tell you about great historical events in the language of dance. The ensemble's colorful performances look like a breeze. The dances are mesmerizing and the perfect synchronization is breathtaking.

Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer

An excursion to the Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer will cause real delight from the performance of the legendary ensemble, holder of two titles in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer Content of the trip

The Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer is an opportunity to see the legendary, stunning story described in the language of dance by the world dance leader. This ensemble is a real dance masterpiece. Their performances are delightful and unique, and their schedule is scheduled for several years in advance. Their passion and skill will captivate you on an excursion to the Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer.

A tour of the Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer will charm you with the endless talent of the magnificent dancers and reveal the art of dance in all its glory.

Sultan of Dance - Mustafa Erdogan founded the collective, becoming a worthy example of translating his cherished dream into reality. He proved that if you want something very much, then it will definitely come true, provided that the person does not betray his dream and does not stop on the way to the result. Mustafa arranged a casting and selected the best dancers. They rehearsed for 8-12 hours a day, and this is how the legendary band appeared. Going to the tour of the Fire of Anatolia from Kemer, you can be convinced of the boundless charisma and skill of the dancers.

As part of a trip to the Fire of Anatolia in Kemer, you will see two bright enchanting shows that will remain in your heart for a lifetime. And if you want to get to know the history of Turkey and the amazing lunar relief, consider Cappadocia.

The fire of Anatolia

Fire of Anatolia - tells about the history of the development of Turkey in a choreographic interpretation. You will feel the powerful energy of hypnotic dances of dervish monks, eastern dances, Caucasus lezginka, fiery dance - halai and much more.

Their perfectly synchronized movements are breathtaking. The team is known in more than 85 countries around the world. The show was attended by over 20 million enthusiastic viewers. Their dances fascinate and captivate for a long time. And if suddenly you have not yet seen this amazing performance, then our excursion will give you a chance to visit it. The main cast of the ballet is striking in its scale - it includes more than 250 permanent participants.

The ensemble is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest performance (241 steps per minute), and for the largest audience (more than 400 thousand spectators in one hall).

Dance composition «Troy»

The dance composition "Troy" will reveal the theme of the famous immortal work of Homer. A story in a dance about the history of the city of Erzurum, or " the gates of the East" Dance is a state of mind in which real passion and awe of feelings boil. The dancers in this show are top-tier show masters who delight even the most sophisticated dance lovers. The ensemble combines a harmonious synthesis of modern choreography, Turkish folk dances and classical ballet.

The duration of the show is about three hours, it includes two sections, each lasting more than an hour, with an intermission. To be here means to get an unforgettable experience of the great art of dancing and the unity of dancers with the audience..

You can book an excursion to the Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer on our website.

Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer Program

  • Transfer to the Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer.
  • Delicious national cuisine dinner at the restaurant.
  • The first part of the famous program is the origin and formation of the culture of Anatolia.
  • Intermission (free time).
  • The second part of the show is the combination of many dance directions into one whole (ballet, folk, modern dance).
  • Transfer back to the hotel by comfortable buses.

Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer days, time, what is included, what is not included, recommendations

Tour daysTuesday
Tour hours 16:30 - 23:00
IncludesTransfer, insurance, guide, entrance tickets, dinner
RecommendedWater, mosquito repellent.

Fire of Anatolia Show from Kemer Price

 1 Adult 60€
 1 Children (4-11) 30€
 1 Infants (0-3) 0€
 1 Passenger 0€
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